Lightweight Applications

Sandwich Structure

CryoStructTM Titanium Foam, PyroStructTM Aluminum Foam

CellMo’s Metal Foam as Lightweight Structural Components:

  • Good inflammable
  • Heat resistance
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • High flexural rigidity

Water Purifier

Drinking Water Purifier

CryoStructTM Copper Foam

Superior Bacteria-Killing Performance:

  • Nanowires growth on Cu foam
  • 100% bacteria killed

Virus-Killing Air Filter


CryoStructTM TiO2 Foam

Antiviral and Antimicrobial:

  • UV and TiO2 foam can be a powerful combination against virus
  • Surface area can be further enhanced by forming nanotubes

Carbon Capture

CO2 Photoreduction

CryoStructTM TiO2 Foam

Ti/TiO2 Foam Photoreduction:

  • H2, CO and CH4 gases were evolved as product from CO2 photoreduction

Consumer Electronics

E-Cigarette Atomizer

CryoStructTMCeramic/Metal Composite Foam

Metal Foam Heater:

  • Uniform heating
  • Reduce burnt flavor