Unique CryoStructTM Metal Foam

CellMo is the only company capable of mass-producing microscale metal foams using freeze casting technology

Features of CryoStructTM Metal Foam

Pore size:  5 – 20 μm
Porosity: 60 – 85 %

Conventional Templated Metal Foam
Pore size: 0.2-5 mm
Porosity: 80~95 %
Conventional Sintered Porous Metal
Pore size: 100 μm - mm
Porosity: 30 - 50 %
Conventional Pore Former
Pore size: 50μm - 1mm
Porosity: 40 - 50 %

Examples of CryoStructTM Metal Foam

With a wide range of metal materials to choose from, including titanium, nickel, copper, steel, and more, you can be sure to find the perfect metal for your project. We also offer customized pore size and distribution options. This allows you to tailor the metal foam properties to meet your exact needs, whether you require a high level of porosity or a more controlled distribution.

CryoStructTM metal foam also comes in various sizes and shapes, and can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a large sheet of metal or a small, intricate part, we can help you create it.

CellMo’s Patented CryoStructTM Technology

Unique PyroStructTM Metal Foam

Features of PyroStrucTM Metal Foam

Pore size: 100 μm – 2mm
Porosity: 60 – 85 %

Examples of PyroStructTM Metal Foam

CellMo’s Patented PyroStructTM Technology


CellMo provides metal foam with:

  • Smaller pore size and higher porosity
  • More uniform pore distribution
  • Higher surface area
  • Various metal options: Ti, Cu, Ni, Cu alloy, steel, Co, W etc.