Highly porous next-gen metal foam.


CellMo is the only company capable of mass producing microscale-pored metal foams, using our proprietary powder metallurgy process - freeze casting technology.

CryoStruct™ freeze casting technique

Why CryoStructTM?

What makes our metal foams so special?

CryoStruct™ Titanium foam micropores
Down to
sized pores
Up to
Significantly increased
surface areas

Metal foams, customized.


Craft our metal foams to your unique requirements. Choose pore sizes as small as 5μm, and adjust the porosity up to 85%. Then, choose how you want the pores to be arranged - random, directional, or gradient.

Leverage our mastery in powder metallurgy. Whether you need large sheets, or small, intricate parts, we can help you create it. With us, you can be sure to find the perfect metal for your project.

Various metals to choose from.

CryoStruct™ metal foam optionsCryoStruct™ metal foam options
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What makes CryoStruct™ metal foams unique?

Compared to conventional metal foams on the market, CryoStruct™ metal foams contain pores that are significantly smaller, resulting in vastly increased surface areas per unit volume. Also, our patented techniques enable us to create metal foams that are more uniformly porous than conventional metal foams. In certain cases, we’re also able to shape all of the pores within a foam into specific structures. Compare CryoStruct™ to other metal foams

What are the physical characteristics of CryoStruct™ metal foams?

The physical characteristics of each metal foam is innate to the element or alloy used, as well as the morphology of the pore structure. Reach out to us for more specific physical characteristic data.

What shapes and sizes do CryoStruct™ metal foams come in?

We’re able to craft CryoStruct™ into very intricate and precise shapes. Our advanced in-house machining and processing technology allows us to shape, bond, and electrochemically plate CryoStruct™ metal foams to fit into complex components, offering versatility, and solving complex use cases. Feel free to contact us to determine the feasibility of your component.

What applications can I use CryoStruct™ metal foams for?

CryoStruct™ metal foams have a wide variety of applications - within hydrogen systems, batteries, structural components, and much more. Take a deep dive in our applications page to see what our highly porous metal foams can do for you. If you're having trouble selecting the metal foam that's right for you, we're here to help.

How can I purchase or receive samples of CryoStruct™ metal foam?

Browse through our metal foams to add a specific metal foam to your inquiry, or contact us directly if you're looking for something more complex.