Metal Foams

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What is metal foam?

Metal foam is a porous, solid metal material, typically created through a process called powder metallurgy. In this process, metallic particles are manipulated utilizing “space holders," or by injecting gas during the sintering process. By changing different metallurgy manufacturing parameters and techniques, the morphology of voids in the sintered metal can be controlled. This results in the creation of highly porous metals with great surface areas per unit volume.

What are the properties of metal foam?

Metal foams have low specific weight, high compressive strength, and high specific surface areas. They're also lightweight, and can have porosities reaching up to 90%.

What is CryoStruct™ and PyroStruct™? What's the difference?

CryoStruct™ metal foams contain the tiniest pores (down to 5μm in diameter), and have the highest surface areas per unit volume. PyroStruct™ metal foams have medium-sized pores, with pore sizes ranging anywhere between 100μm to 2mm in diameter - resulting in medium amounts of surface areas. Conventional templated metal foams have the largest sized pores, and have the least amounts of surface areas (compared to CryoStruct™ and PyroStruct™). Compare metal foams here

Does CellMo offer conventional metal foams?

While our main products are our CryoStruct™ and PyroStruct™ metal foams, we are also able to produce conventional metal foams. Contact us to inquire about it.

What is metal foam used for?

Metal foams have a wide variety of applications, including structural, hydrogen, thermal applications. Metal foams are particularly useful within systems requiring physical behavior innate to metals, high surface areas per unit volume, and adequate internal void space. It serves well as a membrane component that interacts with liquids or gasses. Feel free to browse all potential applications to get a better idea of what it's good for.

Can I create metal foam into a specific shape?

We’re able to craft our CryoStruct™ and PyroStruct™ metal foams into intricate and precise shapes. Our engineers and machining specialists here at CellMo can assist you with creating the optimal metal foam solutions for your applications.

Can I request some metal foam samples from CellMo?

We would be more than happy to supply metal foams for feasibility tests. Add specific metal foams to your inquiry, or reach out to us here.