Metal Foam Applications

for CryoStruct™ and PyroStruct™

What are metal foams used for? What are its applications?

Metal foams find diverse applications across multiple industries, including (but not limited to) hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen electrolyzers, battery components, as well as structural, thermal, and filtration uses. Our patented CryoStruct™ and PyroStruct™ metal foams offer a cutting-edge solution, with vastly superior surface areas per unit volume - meaning superior application performance.

Why use metal foam for my application?

Utilizing metal foams offer advantages that can enhance your particular application. Metal foams' durability, performance, efficiency, combined with its customizable specifications, elevate it to a exceptional option for performance-oriented systems.

What is the best metal foam specification for my application?

For each application, there is a section at the bottom listing commonly requested metal foams, for that specific application. If you reach out to us, our in-house application engineers can ensure that you have the optimal solution for your system.